Are you looking for a great pre-school or after-school program so your children can excel in school?  Do you need a job?  Do you want to gain new skills or change careers?  Do you need exceptional employees to build your business?

Are you or your family struggling with issues you cannot resolve?  Do you wish our community was safer, greener, or somehow better?  Do you have the time and talent to share with others to make our lives brighter? You have come to the right place!  Since 1971, Centers for New Horizons (Centers) has worked to help residents, young and old, achieve their goals.  On this website, you will find out how you can:

Enroll yourself or a family member in, or refer someone to, one of our programs;

Find the talent you need to build your business as an employer and;      

Get involved! Become a mentor to a teen!  Read to a child who thirsts for knowledge! 

Help someone learn a skill!  Become a foster parent!  Dig in our community garden! Our website provides information about all these opportunities. The story of our organization depicts a track record of helping thousands of families become self-reliant through education, employment, and service support.